Solar lamp post spares

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Lamp post reducing socket~89-60mm lamp post reducing socket£92.50
Lamp post cap**89mm post cap£9.15
Lamp post cap**76mm post cap£7.85
Lamp post cap**114mm post cap£12.25
Lamp post anti climb spike~114mm lamp post anti climb£134.50
Lamp post reducing socket~89-76mm lamp post reducing socket£96.50
Lamp post anti climb spike76mm lamp post anti climb£102.50
Lamp post anti climb spike89mm lamp post anti climb£104.50
Lamp post cap**60mm post cap£6.50
Solar Post Foundation Clamp*76mm post cement foot plate£13.95
Solar Post Foundation Clamp*89mm post cement foot plate£14.95
Solar Post Foundation Clamp114mm post cement foot plate£18.50
Total : £0.00

Within this section of our web shop we offer solar lamp post spares. This enables the customer to purchase equipment suited to their needs.

89mm lamp post foot plate

Anti-climb spikes:

76mm and 89mm to suit diameter lamp posts

Solar lamp post caps

60mm, 76mm, 89mm 100mm post caps to inhibit water

Solar lamp post Arms to hold LED lighting units

76mm and 89mm diameter that clamp the solar lamp post light @ 60mm diameter

Lamp post reducing sockets:

114mm to 89mm diameter reducing socket

114mm to 100mm diameter reducing socket

89mm to 76mm diameter reducing socket

89mm to 60mm diameter reducing socket

76mm to 60mm diameter reducing socket

Solar street lighting controllers

Solar street light batteries