Heavy duty battery switch

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NH fuses1h-NH1 Switch Fuse 250A - 250VDC£18.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects1a-NH1 Switch 3 Pole (M10)£175.00
NH fuses1b-NH1 Switch Fuse 63A - 250VDC£7.50
NH fuses1c-NH1 Switch Fuse 80A£9.80
NH fuses1d-NH1 Switch Fuse 100A£10.00
NH fuses1e-NH1 Switch Fuse 125A£11.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects1f-NH1 Switch Fuse 160A£13.50
NH fuses1g-NH1 Switch Fuse 200A - 250VDC£14.00
NH fuses2b-NH2 Switch Fuse 300A - 250VDC£15.00
NH fuses2c-NH2 Switch Fuse 400A - 250VDC£16.00
NH fuses2d-NH2 Switch Fuse 500A - 250VDC£29.00
NH fuses3b-NH3 Switch Fuse 315A - 500VAC 250VDC£25.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects2a-NH2 switch 3 Pole (M10)£270.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects3a-NH3 Switch 3 Pole (M12)£385.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects3c-NH3 Shrouds 3 Pole£32.00
Battery/Inverter Fuse Switch Disconnects2e-3 Pole NH2 Switch Shrouds£13.85
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When disconnecting powerful solar battery systems, by using our heavy duty battery switch it is able to handle large power loads. It is important to understand the potential risks. So always make sure you have a sufficiently rated isolation switches to cover the risk of electrical shock.
We offer for safety switches that have suitable fuses to match the criteria of scope.
Check the options in this page to determine the sizes required to match your battery load.
We offer Dis-connector switches with NH fuses.

Make sure you match the fuses with switch type. 3 Pole switches can be used safely as positive and negative high power battery fused dis-connectors. Without using central pole.


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